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In 1994, Mr. Jaisingh Khanve established a manufacturing unit for lead acid batteries under the name of Shivam Industries, located at Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh. The entire unit was later relocated to MIDC, Butibori, Nagpur (Maharashtra) in 2009 and renamed as Shubham Industries. Since then, Shubham Industries has been striving to provide high-quality and highly reliable lead-acid batteries to its large customer base.


Our second unit, Elemetals Private Limited,  was established in 2017 near our battery manufacturing unit. Here, we manufacture high-quality lead, lead alloys, and lead oxide by recycling scrap batteries. To achieve this, we have installed a high-precision rotary furnace with minimal pollution levels. 


In 2019, we began manufacturing lithium-ion batteries to meet the growing demand. We are manufacturing both LFP & Li-Ion Cells at this facility.


Our manufacturing operations began to fulfill the high demand for automotive batteries, driven by the fast-growing automotive sector in India. As our manufacturing capacity grew over time, we expanded our reach to cater to the needs of the rapidly growing inverter sector in India, which was facing significant energy problems. We established a strong distributor and dealer network throughout the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh. At present, we are working over 15 states of India. 


With the advent of new technologies for harnessing solar energy, we have developed high-capacity battery cells to store solar energy. We were the first to introduce E-Rickshaw batteries in Central India, with a guarantee of up to one year, which is still a challenge for most manufacturers. Our battery manufacturing plant is well-equipped with the latest grid casting, pasting, locking, sealing, assembly, and charging technologies to manufacture both standard and high-capacity and high-cranking batteries.


We have a well-managed systematic plan in place that implements and continuously monitors overall plant efficiency. Our products undergo various electrical, chemical, physical, and mechanical tests before dispatch to ensure high quality standards. These tests include HRD Test, LCT Test, Capacity Test via Battery Universal Tester, HRD Tester, Capacity Tester, and more. For chemical testing, we have well-equipped in-house laboratory facilities.


We offer a wide range of battery capacities, ranging from 2 Ah to 3000 Ah, to cater to different applications. We comply with various IS standards, JIS standards, BSEN standards, BS standards, IEEE standards, IEC standards, and other international standards.


  1. Mrs. Usha Khanve (Proprietor)

  2. Mr. Jaisingh Khanve (Chairman)

  3. Mr. Shubham Khanve (MD)

  4. Mr. Tushar Khanve (CFO)

  5. Mrs. Shraddha Khanve (COO)

  6. Mr. Mukesh Chauhan (Manager)

  7. Mr. Sunil Tople (Technical Head)

  8. Mr. Nandan Chahande (Accounts Head)

  9. Mr. Pramod Ganvir (Sales Head)

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